Simple Communication Tools for Property Managers

Professional tools for your condo board and peace of mind.

Keeping on top of your building is your job—keeping on top of inefficient filing systems isn’t. With managemate, you can communicate all the information your board needs to make quick and cost-effective decisions, all while saving yourself time in finding, relaying, and presenting milestone information.

Happier communities means happier boards — managemate can get you there.

Simple record sharing tools for property managers.

Have your team use the platform first. Then, pay for more resources, if you need them.

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Be your board’s go to.

Turn your day-to-day building management expertise into a comprehensive source of information about ongoing projects, costs, and budgets—past, present, and future. Easy communication between condo board members and property managers means no more crossed wires.

Your boards will thank you.

Making the most of your building’s resources can quickly become a full-time job. Keep condominium boards happy with timely, actionable plans that put the best data at the forefront.

On time, on budget.

When responsibility comes knocking, be prepared with in-depth project management tools from managemate. For both internal and external reporting, we offer the tools and training necessary to keep your building operating without surprise costs.

Staffing, procedures, and more.

Ready to calm the chaos? For everything behind the scenes and more, managemate offers tools to make life easier and properties safer. Plus, direct secure access for building staff means you can keep operating instructions and safety procedures in one convenient place.

Improve results while saving time and fees.

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managemate helps Boards get organized.

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