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Upholding Condominium Records Management Standards

The CMRAO introduced proactive standardized inspections focusing on critical areas including records management.
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Project Planning

Completing condo projects on time and on budget

Project planning for condo boards isn't easy. But by following the four steps we discuss in this blog post, your condo board can get more projects completed, on time and on budget.
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Keeping tabs on your condo's vendors

By keeping tabs on their vendors, condo boards will be in a better position to maintain and improve their buildings at reduced costs. Here we describe three keys to successfully managing condo vendors.
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Unsure about a decision? Get feedback from other condo boards.

By asking questions of other boards and sharing past experience, condo boards can help each other maintain and improve their buildings.
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Making the most of board member transitions

Condominium boards can do three things to help get newly elected directors up to speed quickly, so they can hit the ground running.
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Reserve Funds

Condominium Reserve Funds by Actuaries in Canada | Easy Guide

The Canadian Institute of Actuaries recently analyzed the reserve fund situation across Canada and made several recommendations for improvements.
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Highlights of the Condo Governance Fundamentals (101) Course

Standard-unit bylaws, borrowing bylaws and challenges attracting owners to join boards are hot topics in condo governance.
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managemate helps Boards get organized.

Learn how managemate can help your condo Board and property manager.