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For a better condo board relationship.

For smart condominium managers
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Stuck with on-site projects?

Urgent matters

stealing away time from your everyday work?

A red X mark.

Endless Emergencies

Already full on with a big project, and then... as sure as a Swiss clock, up comes an urgent issue, and you get pulled into it?

The audited financial statements aren’t ready yet, and the auditor sent you 320 new questions?

Always reconciling conflicting needs, hopelessly trying to coordinate with others?

A red X mark.

Costly Coordination

Constantly juggling between condo board members, residents, vendors, and building staff?

Are board members not up to date with your work progress?

Endlessly waiting for the board’s feedback and approvals?

A red X mark.

Scattered Systems

Cross-country skiing through a dozen file locations and communication channels? Those never-ending email threads...

Constantly trying to balance between your actual management at work and updating board members?

Naturally, board members are concerned with their investment. As an effective manager, you bring experience to the table, making the whole process an easy win-win.

Meet Your New

Cruise Control System


Centralized Workspace

to Save, Update and quickly Share information.

All boards, aboaard!

Methodically minimalizing toil, stress and decreating potential burnout,

for condominium managers.


on Track
In Control and in Charge
Green check mark

Share records and updates with your boards.

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Ensure smooth and less disruptive board member transitions and effortlessly pick up where the past manager left off.

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Save time preparing for your monthly board meetings.
Updates are provided in real-time, between meetings, so there will be no need to prepare long management reports manually, right before the next meeting.

Keep on top of work.
Green check mark

Focus on what needs attention, by setting reminders and "diarize-ing" you weekly, monthly and annual tasks.

Green check mark

Stay on top of outstanding approvals, in real time.

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View all upcoming tasks and events in The Calendar, and updated statuses, so everyone is tracking along.


Approval Workflows

Coming Soon
Like it's 2023
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Get all board members to operate on the same page.

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Get clear directions from board members.

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Get work scheduled (and complete it) on time.

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Reduce decision-making times.

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Quickly educate boards and get crystal clear on directions.

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🔥 Introducing

Home Base Check-ins

A daily digested,

control center.

For everything.

Live Statuses
Real-time updates and work statuses.

A home for all your information received from vendors and residents.

Capture Action Items
Assign action items and get updates.

Task System
Simple status tracking: To Do/Done.

Auto Updates
Daily digests and monthly outlooks, via email.

Digital Dashboard
Live Management Reports.

Calendar and Notifications
Schedule events or due dates, with in-app notifications.

Smart Checklists

Coming Soon

Templated checklists to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

⌛ Keeping your

Time in check

Tackling day-to-day operations with

efficiency and speed.

The Smarter Way

Steady, consistent predictable progress towards finish lines.

Deferring mundane tasks to a reliable, trustworthy system.

Win extra time by keeping organized, so you can make more informed decisions.

The Efficient Way

Leisurely, efficiently and elegantly manage all types of projects.

Gracefully maneuvering what has to get done, when, and for whom.

Operate in a flexible and ready way, and act with precision on any pivoting that’s required.

The Prepared Way

Breezing through urgent matters.

Keeping cool-headed and organized. Especially in busy times... And some buffer time for those pesky emergencies.

Introduce a sense of relaxed alertness to your day-to-day activities.

🌀 Those endless vortex of email threads...

Coordinating with your board shouldn't be a

soul-sucking chore.

A red X mark.

Approvals by email...

The old clunky way of getting approvals by email leads to interminable email threads.
A red X mark.

Following-up by email...

Now knowing what's already been decided, or worse, what's still undecided.
A red X mark.

Agreements by email...

Confusing board members about what they are agreeing to is never fun.
A red X mark.

Tracking by email...

Manually tracking board decisions that need to get ratified at the next board meeting.
A red X mark.

Multiple emails...

Trying to piece it all together feels like playing with a broken Rubik's cube.
A red X mark.

Searching by email...

You can swear you've sent that email (with the attachment!), but rarely being able to find it later.

Are you

Still not convinced?

You are a condominium manager, not a firefighter...

Does this

sound familiar?

Spinning a dozen plates, dropping some, picking some, adding some...
A red X mark.

Supervising security.

A red X mark.

Enforcing community by-laws.

A red X mark.

Collecting fees and making payments.

A red X mark.

Having a team to delegate is great, but it still takes a lot of time to get the jobs done.

A red X mark.

Delegating tasks.

A red X mark.

Supervising renovations.

A red X mark.

Maintaining the property in good condition

A red X mark.

Supervising contractors

A red X mark.

How many floods in the last week?

Ensuring coordination, scheduling, and project management to restore your units to their original condition?
PS. These are only scratching the surface.
On top of all these, you have to report to and get direction from the board, as well. But you already know this.

Old ways to choke new breakthroughs

You can try to make the old work, or you can

try the new.

Old Way

A red X mark.

Manual Toil

Providing update to your board manually. By email, phone, text, or by preparing management reports manually.
A red X mark.

Inconsistent Workflow

When updates aren't instant and the board has no visibility into your list of action items, directors are left wondering what's getting done.
A red X mark.

Static Reports

Spreadsheet action items like it's 1999, but never in real-time. And yes, Google Sheets are nice, but not everyone knows how to use them.

New Way

Green check mark

Live Reports

Real time updates for knowing exactly what work got done, or when a vendor makes progress on a project or task.
Green check mark

Daily Digest Email

Review the newly added documents (projects, vendors, invoices, etc.), and get up to speed with the latest activities and task status updates.
Green check mark

Activity Tracking

Coming Soon
Events and approvals can be added and everyone gets reminders when things are coming up.

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Ensuring smooth transition with your board members.

You name it. it's all a seamless process for our clients.

Condominium managers can do anything...

but not everything

Proactively paying attention to what HAS your attention reduces overwhelm, cost escalation, and the day-to-day tasks going rogue.

Activity Tracking

Coming Soon
Keep track of tasks, events and approvals, so work slides into completion.

Smart Documents

Instantly find building maintenance and vendor history.

Live Project Updates

Plan, steer, and monitor one-time projects and/or major repairs, all in real time.

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