Oversee your condominium's operations

Your board's online hub for collaborating, project planning, vendor management and invoice approvals


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Stay within Budget

WITHOUT having to sacrifice

building improvements
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Take the guesswork out of your project planning

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Track project deadlines and activities

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Set expense budgets for each project

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Review invoices against budget and quotes

Find Information,


Find building history and relevant information, like:

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Information about vendors
(e.g., contact info, contracts and warranties)

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Engineering Reports

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Work Orders and Quotes

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Reduce costly service calls by saving and sharing operating instructions for maintenance equipment
(e.g., how to reset a boiler if it stops working)

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Free up your property manager’s time by
giving your Board and staff  the ability to:

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Find and retrieve building information

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Save and retrieve operating instructions for building equipment

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Retrieve meeting minutes

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Make sure your Staff is Productive

Maximize your team's overall


Stay in the Loop

Access to building information history

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Calendar view for upcoming projects and activities

Keep Private

Protect sensitive information

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Create user accounts for all your staff with the ability to specify permissions for each user

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Mobile Ready

Conveniently access managemate

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The app is fully responsive on phones and tablets

Universal Access

Free up your manager's time

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Save and retrieve operating instructions for building equipment

Spend Less Time Maintaining Buildings

Free up time for

more improvements
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Link everything together

All in one place. Not all over the place.

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Documents relating to your property, projects and vendors

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Build up your condo's history and specify how equipment should be operated

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Condo staff like front desk and superintendents can retrieve vendor
and maintenance info

Review and approve invoices

Document approvals for completed project work

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Easily verify invoices to avoid over spending

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Review billing history for each project

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Enable Long Term Continuity


smooth transitions

between property managers

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Understand why design and configuration choices were made by previous vendors and providers.

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Get a sense of Context for all your projects. Past, present and future.

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Oversee projects and get the projects moving smoothly to completion.

Coming Soon

we're working on

And it's just the beginning...

Unit Activity

Save and retrieve information about each of the building's units:
- Owner and tenant's contact information
- Records about work performed in the unit

Equipment Inventory

Retrieve maintenance history, operating instructions and warranty information for all equipment

Invoice Approval Workflows

Automated workflows to streamline approvals via our "review and match" system

Financial Forecasting

See real-time financial performance based on actual and anticipated expenses
- Up-to-date operating budget status
- Dynamic reserve fund tools

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