Smart Documentation Tools
for Condominiums

Stay on time, on budget, and on course.

When you lose data, you lose time and money. For big picture thinking with little effort, you need managemate.

Your documents deserve better than unsecured cloud drives, or worse, a dusty filing cabinet—we give you the tools to manage, annotate, and sort your data for unparalleled precision in your decision-making. With Smart Documents from managemate, you can quickly and conveniently sort, annotate, share, and store files with granular security permissions—all within a single platform. Giving context to your documents makes for easy role transitions between past, present, and future board members, improving compliance, governance, productivity, and invoice review without ever losing sight of your budget and goals.

Connect the dots between your critical documents… all with a few clicks.

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What condo boards and property managers need for an efficient document management process:

Smart Documentation features:

managemate supported:

Customizable document context tools for maximum utility and precision across any and all condominium projects.
Searchable tags for file type, date, project, status, and more.
Attach critical notes and contact details to projects, vendors, meeting minutes, invoices, and more for better compliance and productivity.
Convenient, centralized document storage with granular security permissions.
From start to end of projects, through turnover and tenant changes, condo board members can access all valuable documents, cost-tracking protocols, and invoice history in one place—even through board turnover.

Document Organization for your condo board has never been easier.
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managemate helps Boards get organized.

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