Vendor Management Tools
for Condominiums

Stay on time, on budget, and on course.

Who you work with is as important as what you work on, and managemate ensures that you get the most out of the service staff and contractors that work on your building. When you want to improve vendor results while saving time and stress, you need managemate.

When the bulk of your budget goes towards contractors, it pays to have all eyes on the task at hand. With an easy-to-use vendor management system, managemate is the form-fitting tool that saves time, headaches, and money for condo board members and property managers when it comes to visualizing projects and invoices.

Optimize your vendor and board relations for productivity, profitability, and peace of mind… all with a few clicks.

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Making the most of your vendors is simple with managemate:

Vendor Management features:

managemate supported:

Invoice status, approval tools, and history.
Contact information of all past and present contractors.
A status and priority tracking system.
A record of the documents relating to the vendor including engineering reports, quotes, and invoices for work completed.
From start to end of projects, through turnover and tenant changes, condo board members can access all valuable documents, cost-tracking protocols, and invoice history in one place—even through board turnover.

Vendor Management for your condo board has never been easier.
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managemate helps Boards get organized.

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