Made for Board Members

Getting everyone on the same page

Streamlining operations between condominium boards and property managers.
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All boards on board

Well... more like

"all in one dashboard"

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Enabling efficient governance.

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Track all board decisions, in real-time.

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Automatic audit trails for transparency and review.

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A decision and approval request system that's actually proactive.

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Ensuring consistent project progress.

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Track project progress, without chasing email threads.

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Track all project start dates, end dates and milestones.

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Vendor activity: See status updates for all action items.

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Providing one place for ALL information.

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Share records which everyone can actually find later.

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Know exactly "Where is that, and where is the other."

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Event calendar: "Window washing next week?" All in one place.

Inefficiently manifested as

The Time-Sink Loop

Season's spinning round and round, and

years keep rolling by?

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Once aware, you can clear the air.

A foundation for transparency and

consistent continuity.

Proactive project management.
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Full transparency over what's happening in your property.

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Total clarity over the process of getting approvals.

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Proactive reminders for your annual planners.

Clear Decisions β†’

Clearer Directions
Doing things takes strength; deciding WHAT to do takes clarity.
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Streamline clearer directions and sharpen communication, all in real time.

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Keep organized, consistently; especially in busy times.

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Make smarter decisions about maintenance needs.

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Work Towards

Budget Surpluses
Optimizing collaboration between boards and management.
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Plan, steer, and monitor one-time projects
(replacement of equipment, improvements, etc.).

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Keep track of action items/tasks, so work proceeds to completion.

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Deal with transitions when new board members join and property managers change.

Silence is not golden. It's costly.

Can you afford idleness,

waste, or inefficiency?

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Staff doesn't have time for new board projects.
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Budget Deficits

Risk of overspending and not meeting budget.
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Managers are stuck because they don't have direction over the next steps.
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Difficulty matching invoices to approvals and ensuring no over-billing.
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Lost Momentum

Projects grind to a halt (for months!) when your manager changes.
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Stalled Decisions

Approvals get lost in emails. Slow payments lead to unhappy vendors.

πŸ”₯ Hot Features

What gets measured, gets demystified

A team of happy managers makes for

happy board members.

Consent Agenda
Save time in board meetings by knowing what needs to be ratified.

Consent Agenda
Save time in board meetings by knowing what needs to be ratified.

Building History
Informed decisions on whether repair or replace your equipment.

Project Planning
Get capital and reserve fund projects done on time and on budget.

Reminder System
Never forget tasks and events, ever again.

Digital Approvals
All decisions and approvals have a place and a history.

Diarize Annual Planners
Set it and (don't) forget it.

Live Management Reports
Reprioritize work and spot issues early, well before your next board meeting.

Death by a Thousand cuts?

Thinking about the big things and sacrificing the small things?

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Losing time fielding and providing updates and requests by email.

A red X mark.

Scattered file storage and gaps in work history.

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The existing record keeping system isn't being used.

A red X mark.

Tracking work statuses via random emails.

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Routine maintenance work gets missed.

A red X mark.

No continuity when the property manager changes.

A Whole

Board Consensus

Ensures everyone has access to

the same information.

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Streamlined Communications

Communicate through managemate, rather than dozens of email threads going on at the same time.
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Live Updates

Make quicker and more informed decisions.
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Quick Access

Organize and find building history.
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Proactive Planning

Always ready for board and manager turnovers.
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Document Databases

Keeping track of project data and files.
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Repositories Ready

Quickly find information in all repositories.

Too many decisions

Not enough bandwidth?

The ugliest problem in communication

is the assumption that it has taken place.

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Deadlines missed

Maintenance work often gets missed?
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Stuck Projects

Projects move slowly or don't get off the ground?
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Financial Waste

Increased long-term costs from inadequate maintenance?

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