Simple Condo Board Operations Software

Protecting your time, your investment, and your sanity.

When information slips through the cracks, so do deadlines, budgets, and peace of mind. With managemate, your documents, project plans, and those critical notes for efficient decision-making can always be exactly where you need them, when you need them.

Simplify record keeping for condo boards.

Give your property manager a better way to share information with you.

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Your current filing system is costing you money.

Whether it’s surviving multiple storage drives or dusty filing cabinets, being able to efficiently access and share information between board members and property managers can mean the difference between staying on budget or burning through reserves—especially in the long-term through board and management turnover.

The information you need, when you need it.

From connecting with past vendors, and reviewing invoices to finding files by project and keeping tabs on large-scale renovations, managemate gives you organizational tools to make effective decisions when it comes to maintenance and improvement tasks, period.

Run your condo board like a business.

As an investor in the health of your building and a part-time board volunteer, the last thing you want is to feel like your time (and money) is going to waste. With the right tools, you’ll never have to cut corners on what it takes to manage your building again.

Better budgets, better buildings.

Lost warranties, duplicate invoices, disappearing records, poor work tracking, and a lack of financial awareness can all cost you when it comes to your property investment. By saving costs through efficient project management, you are saving valuable resources for the problems that matter most.

Improve results while saving time and fees.

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managemate helps Boards get organized.

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