Project Planning Tools
for Condominiums

Stay on time, on budget, and on course.

Better data makes for better decision-making. When you need all relevant documentation at your fingertips to make the best decisions possible for your building, you need managemate.

managemate is an all-in-one solution for efficiently connecting condo board members, property managers, and contractors—past, present, and future. Keep your project, your people, and your budget on track with efficient data management, easy-to-use workflows, and convenient file storage.

Oversee building service providers, track milestone activities, and implement large-scale projects… all with a few clicks.

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In our experience, the best practices for successfully carrying out projects in a condo will have these four key features:

Project planning features:

managemate supported:

An actionable, visible project plan.
Clearly defined scope, objectives, target timelines for key activities, and budget estimations.
A status and priority tracking system.
A highly navigable record of the documents relating to the project including engineering reports, vendor quotes, and invoices for work completed.
From start to end of projects, through turnover and tenant changes, condo board members can access all valuable documents, budget estimates, and invoice history in one place—even through board member turnover.

Project planning and management for your condo board has never been easier.
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managemate helps Boards get organized.

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